The Simplest Series Family Photo Poses

If you Google “family portrait posing,” you’ll see sun-kissed photographs of happy families dressed immaculately.

Family picture photography, in reality, is frequently considerably less magical—and far more difficult! The family dog continues moving his tush toward the camera while the parents are tense and the kids are sleep-deprived.

Sounds familiar? Well, worry not. Bright Focus Photography is here to help you out.

Sit, Stad, Stroll

Often, the most refined family posing does not appear to be staged at all! These lovely postures are, in reality, recreations of real-life exchanges. You simply need to know three words: walk, stand, and sit.


This series works regardless of where you shoot or who you picture. It’s a straightforward method of portraiture for small and big groups of people of all ages.

Love is in the air

This is an excellent posture for mobile children. Instruct the family to take three steps and then::rest:: to allow the child to jump into the air while the parents grin and observe.


Don’t urge parents not to raise or swing their young children by their hands since it might damage their developing shoulders.

Walk your way through

For families with infants, tweens, and adolescents, we adore this position! If the kids aren’t into the whole photo thing, simply have them walk along side-by-side gently.


Tell them to look anywhere but into the lens. You could wish to urge the group’s most outgoing member to deliver their best joke or anecdote.

Remember those back rides?

A fun position to do with your siblings! If one sibling is larger than the other, you might ask if the older youngster can piggyback the younger one.


If the youngsters aren’t quite mature enough (or steady enough) for that, they’ll appreciate piggybacking rides from their parents.

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