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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

At Bright Focus, we not only have a knack for capturing perfect moments, but we also offer words of wisdom gained after years of experience in the field. We will help you connect the dots on how to opt for the perfect wedding spot?

While some aspects of the wedding may seem irrelevant and optional, there’s only one thing you cannot escape – choosing a wedding venue. Why would you? After all, you want to gather your friends and family to celebrate with them on your big day.

But, in our experience, we have seen couples struggling with finding the right wedding venue. There are tons of options to explore. From a cozy restaurant and an elegant ballroom to a stunning barn, we share a few of the top tips with you so that you can select your dream venue.

Things to Consider

Many factors come into play while deciding on the venue, i.e., encompassing the entire wedding vision. You will need to consider the following things to better understand before choosing the wedding venue.
  • Lighting: One of the most important, if not the most important, aspects to consider is that you have enough lighting for the stage. When we started our photography quest, we covered weddings where we had to rent equipment separately because the lighting was too dim. So, if you think the lighting is not up-to-the-mark, make sure you are getting enough of it.
  • Food Catering: Another essential thing to consider is food catering. If the venue you have chosen offers in-house catering, ask them for a tasting and restrictions on certain foods.
  • Exclusiveness: Well, to be honest, nobody wants to share the spotlight. It is essential to ask your event planner if there is another function being held on your wedding day. Because having more than one event will make your big day untidy.

So, let’s hop on to the issue at hand, i.e., how to choose the perfect wedding venue? Let’s see how we can get your creative juices flowing.

Deciding a Wedding Theme

Specific venues have wedding written all over it. Endearing, romantic, and a place with an adjacent chapel is what we call a ‘wedding-ready’ venue. However, couples these days are choosing unconventional locations for their weddings to go with a specific theme.

For instance, a barnyard wedding is the talk of the town these days. The idea is not bad until you have the overhead costs because a barnyard does not have chairs, tables, and linens. It means you will rent the furniture and ask the company to deliver it and set it up.

Know the Sitting Capacity of the Venue

Any facility or venue you choose will have a minimum or maximum sitting capacity. It won’t be able to house more chairs and tables than the given area. It would be beneficial to make a list of your guests beforehand.

For example, suppose the wedding venue you have chosen has a sitting capacity of 500 people. In that case, you should be expecting 450 guests, unless you want to clutter them like packed sardines. Similarly, suppose the bride and groom want a private function of around 30 people. In that case, they should opt for a wedding venue that is convenient with their budget and ease.

Location Matters

While making a list of your potential guests, keep a few questions in your mind. Is the wedding venue going to be easily accessible to them? Will the guests have to take a flight or cover a lengthy road trip to attend the wedding? If the venue is far, can the guests rent a hotel nearby?

These are a few of the questions you must ask yourself before deciding the location of the wedding. As photographers, we have seen the bride and groom upsetting themselves on their wedding day due to fewer guests. The reason? The inconvenience for guests to reach the venue.

Entail Some Research

You want your wedding to be remembered in right words. Imagine you come across one of your guests after a long time, and they explain the twinkling lights that impressed them on your wedding. Sounds good, no?

So, that is why we recommend doing some research before putting in a hefty amount of money. Opt for a romantic venue that will amplify love, and the guests will automatically be swooned by it. Now, you must be wondering how to do that research.

Worry not! As photographers who have been to many weddings, we can spur your imagination and assist you in visualizing what your wedding day will look like. You can also look for other websites and forums where you can do a little bit of research.

A bonus tip: While researching and looking up elegant pictures on the internet, make sure to save them on your Pinterest board. It will help you later when you hire a photographer.

Final Words

As wedding photographers, we see the bride and groom struggling with choosing the wedding venue all the time. As a matter of fact, you cannot be too nit-picky when it comes to deciding on a decent venue. You do not want to cause a damper by bearing overhead costs on the wedding day. So, careful planning and a little research can pave the way for exuberance on your special day.

If you are looking to hire US-based photographers, we are here to assist you with it. If you have any inquiries, hop on to our inquiry page, fill the form, and we’ll handle the rest.