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Useful Tips on How to Do a Lifestyle Photoshoot with Your Family

Many consider photos as a way of returning to a moment that has otherwise come. And with lifestyle photography, it is certainly possible to make eternal a moment in your lifetime that you’d like to keep in your memories forever.

Lately, however, there is one type of photoshoot that has risen to fame: lifestyle family photography.

What is it, exactly, and how to do a lifestyle photoshoot in a way that will eternalize a fun family experience?

Let’s find out.

What is lifestyle family photography?

I doubt that there’s an exact same definition of what family lifestyle photography is for everyone.

But for me, as a lifestyle photographer, I see it as a means of capturing the essence of a family in a natural yet creative manner.

In a lifestyle family photography session with me, this might mean documenting authentic moments as they unfold—moments that capture your family’s love and connection while interacting in your environment of choice.

It is so rewarding to capture the diverse stories of a family and eternalize them through photos.

What should I wear for a lifestyle photoshoot with my family?

Whether it’s a family lifestyle photography at home or in another location that’s meaningful for you and your family, what your expectations are out of your shoot is totally up to you.

However, the outfits you sport—and your overall look—during those snaps can play a major role in putting together a great photoshoot. So, here are some pointers to help you and your family look your best for your lifestyle photography session:

1) Wear clothes that you feel most comfortable in.

As a lifestyle photographer, I always suggest that my clients wear clothing that they love. Although you have to dress for the occasion, it definitely shows when you’re confident or when you’re feeling unsure in front of the camera. And I would rather have you looking ready to take on the world when you decide to look back to these memories.

2) Consider the season.

Different seasons may call for different types of clothes, so it’s important that you take this into consideration as well. For instance, if you’re scheduling your lifestyle photography shoots during winter, you might want to go for plaid or for dark and bold colors like hunter green and dark red.

Spring, on the other hand, is a good time for floral prints, baby blue, and cream, while I always recommend wearing fun prints for the summer season.

3) Wear clothes in bold colors.

I think every lifestyle photographer would agree with me that it’s better for clients to stand out than fall into the background.

This especially applies to shoots that are located outdoors.

Otherwise, if you’re going to wear neutrals, such as white shirts and khaki pants at the beach, you will more likely look “washed out” since you’re blending into the scenery.

Avoid neon colors, too, as they will just make you look out of place.

4) In terms of makeup, less is more.

It is rare (if at all) for makeup to translate to pictures.

Because makeup oftentimes looks heavier in photographs than it usually is, I mostly recommend clients to go for a simple and light look.

I also suggest avoiding the current makeup trends to ensure that your family photos remain timeless.

How to do a lifestyle family photoshoot successfully?

To have a smooth-sailing lifestyle family shoot, I’ve listed below some important tips that you need to take note of:

1) Book a date with your lifestyle photographer as early as possible.

The earlier you schedule an appointment, the better it would be. You wouldn’t want to limit your options just because you were not able to finalize a date with the photographer you wanted to do a shoot with.

It also makes it easier for your family members since setting a schedule early on means that they can allocate another day to attend to their other duties.

2) Choose at least three spaces.

If you still have not settled on a location where you would want to do the photoshoot, it’s very important that you do so.

Any photographer worth their salt, even those who specialize in high school senior photography, would want to scout the area prior to the session to make sure that everything goes well.

After all, while your chosen spaces may be somewhere that you and your family are already familiar with, your photographer will still need to prepare for any technical issue that may arise.

3) Incorporate fun activities.

Lifestyle photography sessions are meant to capture moments where you do the things that you enjoy doing with your loved ones.

Because of this, looking for ways to interact with one another is important. And having activities prepared beforehand is key to ensuring that your session is full of fun and emotion.

4) Relax. Smile. Have fun.

Remember, the goal during these sessions is to capture the beauty of your family being yourselves.

Therefore, you need to let go of the idea of perfection and just let everyone be themselves.

Just have fun and enjoy the session!

All in all

Shooting lifestyle family photos is certainly a fun challenge to tackle. I hope the tips above can help you immortalize your family’s memories.

If you want to book a fun and memorable session today, get in touch with me at 636.795.ARTS. I also provide photography for high school seniors.