11 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

In the hustle-bustle of making your special day an epitome of perfection, we all know the thing that will always hold a special place in our hearts are the wedding photographs. So what should you do to get those just the way you’ve pictured in your head almost a million times by now?

Once you’ve narrowed down the best and professional photographer for your big day, now is the time to ask some essential questions that will make sure you have made the right choice. It is essential to interview your photographer before handing them the ‘big task.’

Let’s take a look at a bunch of questions you need to ask your wedding photographer.

1. Do you have a packed schedule around the wedding date?

The first and foremost question that needs to be asked is the photographer’s availability during the days of your wedding. And you don’t need someone who is preoccupied with a lot of shoots and ignores detail on your wedding day. You will need someone focused and well-adjusted enough to make your day stand out in the photographs.

2. What specific packages are you offering?

We all know that having a designated budget for the wedding is a must, so most wedding photographers have packages based on each couple’s preference. You need to know whether the final prints, any extra coverage of wedding events or even the photo album is included in the package or counted as separate expenses. This can give you a significant insight into what package will be more accommodating to you based on the number of events you will have.

3. What will the team's attire be?

You don’t need people in bright or gaudy colored outfits while covering your special day, and this question can save you from a lot of embarrassment and snarky comments from relatives. Most wedding photographers have their merchandise these days with their logos printed on them.

This can be a pleasant and professional touch to your event and make it look more elegant. The entire team of wedding photographers should have a coordinated attire to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

4. Is there a backup plan if the main photographer is unavailable on the wedding day?

You always need to have a backup plan for such things. The photographer needs to confirm if there is a replacement amongst his team that can cover the event for you with just as much excellence as they would have themselves done.

5. Is there a refund policy?

As much as this question can sting while asking, you always need to know if the wedding doesn’t take place (IN CASE in caps to ward off any bad luck) due to any reason. You have already paid in advance for the event coverage. Can you get a refund, or is that a big NO?

6. Have you ever shot a wedding at a similar venue before?

This question gives you an outlook on whether the photographer has any experience regarding the light settings. For instance, if you have an indoor or outdoor venue, your wedding photographer should have expertise in making you shine out in any kind of surrounding.

7. How would you define your style of capturing moments?

Every photographer has their own specialty, some prefer capturing the candid moment, and some would want you to throw your partner in the air (not quite literally or maybe….) just to capture that perfect moment. This question can probably save you from a broken spine on your wedding day.

8. What data do you require that can accommodate you?

To get your desired outcome, you would also need to ask the photographer what information they require For them to do their work, whether it is the timing or venue of the shoots, the size of the crowd, what time the bride and groom are arriving, etc. They need to be kept in the loop for them to do what they know best.

9. Would you charge extra for any additional editing?

We are all aware some pictures can look much better with a little more retouching or editing, so if there is a need for it to happen, would that be included in your desired package? Would that be costing you extra?

10. Will you be using our photographs for any kind of promotional agenda?

Most photographers like to attract attention to their work by posting pictures on social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook to promote themselves. If you are not comfortable with any such publicity, you need to make that clear to your photographer beforehand.

11. How long after the event will the pictures arrive?

Now for the last question, you need to be aware of the appropriate time that your wedding photographs will be done for you to cherish them. You don’t want to rush this process, so you don’t end up disappointed by the final result. For this, you should ask your wedding photographer the amount of time they require to provide you with your pictures.

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