3 Reasons You Should Thin Out Your Gear for Wedding Photography Sessions

Photography is an art that only people with creative minds can attain to its most extravagant extent. However, to know any art and become a master at it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and time. Nonetheless, as you progress in photography, you try out different approaches, each requiring various tools and gears. Therefore, there comes a time when you find yourself with a plethora of photography gear and end up stuffing more lenses and kits for your shoot.


Maybe you don’t need the full gear when going for a specific photography session. Experts at Bright Focus Photography

Why do we end up with a collection of camera gears?

Like every photography, you might have an excessive amount of photography kits in your collection. If you are among those photographers, there must be lenses you haven’t been using for quite a while. The rationale behind that collection is the inexplicably affordable prices for camera lenses and accessories for many years. We know how difficult it is to turn your around when you see a 28–80 f/3.5–5.6 USM under $100.


Since now we know we have a bunch of rarely utilized camera gear, now let’s talk about why we need to let go of some of it. So, here are the three best reasons for you to loosen up.


Make the best use of your hard-earned money.

First of all, unused gear is worth some money that you can spend on some other helpful stuff. Case in point, you have a lense worth $600 or so. You can use this money to get to a great site where you can let loose your creativity. Or you can also buy a pro cut editing software as well.


Just utilize your money the best way you can. Simply, don’t put yourself in a loop of buying and selling camera gear, eventually making you spend more on things you don’t need

Learn all about one gear

Secondly, consider consolidating your equipment and try focusing on core photography niches, where you find yourself thriving. We believe that when we as photographers limit ourselves, our creative juice flows more frequently.


Other than that, making yourself available with fewer options will also let you use a specific gear more, making you the best at, let’s say, portrait photography and known for. As we all know, being a master at one thing is better than learning all things partially. So, choose your niche and try sticking to it.


Give your juniors a path.

Lastly, selling old gear would give new photographers a chance to learn new skills. Take it as, if there is a fine lens and dependable camera kit with a bunch of accessories you don’t use to the extent justifying its possession, let others do justice with it.


There is probably a photographer looking for a budgeted upgrade. So, help our other fellow out.


Feeling lighter already?


If any of the above reasons aren’t enough, you can sell your old gear at a massive profit margin as well. Photography is getting popular among zoomers or generation z

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