4 Tips to Get Perfect Family Portraits

Have you done a family portrait session where you ran out of ideas? If not, then there is a big chance you did not know how to make the photographs look more natural.

Well, worry not! Here are the five things we do to keep the energy up and the session flowing with some natural poses.

1.     Round up some experience and try combinations

First off, you want to make sure that you get all your necessary, safe shots. It is something you will only learn with experience. You can volunteer to photograph at weddings for little to no amount of money.

It might not be so obvious, especially if you’re new to the family photography business. Still, you have to cycle through all possible combinations.

First, you can start out with everyone together. Get a few formal shots with the whole family together. It’s a great way to break the ice. Furthermore, it will get them used to the idea of the camera and getting them accustomed to how you’ll be directing them to fire off a few shots.

Then start moving down the line by removing and adding bodies. For that purpose, here are some of our favorite go-to combinations.

Start with everybody in the frame and then try out daddy and kids, mommy and kids, just the kids, all the boys, all the girls, and lastly, all the kids if they are old enough to sit on their own.

You can probably sneak in a picture of just mom and dad too. Now, don’t forget to get that one image that would be perfect for that Facebook banner. A photograph that’s justified or something that’s nicely spread.

After you are done with all the combinations, try to go back and ask for one more full-group shot. Since the first shots were before you were all warmed up and the second attempt usually gets you more genuine and relaxed images.

2.     Keep the kids close and their parents closer

It’s a fun thing to say, but it can be implemented to create the perfect family portraits in theory. Hear us out!

While photographing the entire family, you can keep everyone occupied by enlisting their help. What we mean by that is you can keep people, who are out of the frame, still engaged in the session while photographing other family members.  

Imagine you are trying to take a picture of the kids, and their parents are right over your shoulders, asking them to be attentive. Now, the trick here is to make sure that the parents are standing right over your shoulders – not way above you or way off to the side.

It will give you an immaculate photography experience because you will have a better view of the kids.

3.     Line them up for some activities

While you’re at it, give the kids something to do and then shoot the photographs. One of our favorite go-to options is to make the kids jump. It doesn’t matter how old they are; make them all do it.

Furthermore, you can make mom and dad kiss. Focus on them and then have the kids run around them—pictures like those come out really fun. As an alternate option, you can give them some games to play, too.

4.     Make your presence count

Here’s the fun part! Make them forget you’re actively present there. Become a journalist, giving them an activity where their focus is directed at each other. You can also let them take a break and shoot whatever they’re doing from a distance. As a result, it will look more journalistic.

Final Words

So, let’s review those four tips again.

  • Cycle through the grouping combination, starting with everybody in the picture and working your way through.
  • Keep everyone occupied by enlisting their help while you shoot.
  • Give them something to do and photograph it.
  • Document the growth and progress of the kids and bring a journalist bonus round into action.

You should be quick to warn your clients that sessions can sometimes be unpredictable, especially when you’re dealing with kids. They can decide to be uncooperative and, of course, take all the precautionary measures. These measures could include taking a nap at the right time.

Also, make sure you’ve got snacks and drinks on hand. Just be prepared for whatever happens, and if things go awry, you just have to go with the flow. Let kids be kids, and just tell them you are in full journalistic style mode.

BONUS TIP: Do not mind the meltdowns. Further down the lane, they could prove to be a great memory for both the parents and the kids. Speaking from experience, it turns out the clients actually love them enough to use them as Christmas cards too.

Well, that’s all from us! We hope you enjoyed our four points, and now that you know what to do – time to get back in action. Lastly, if you are looking to hire US-based photographers, please feel free to reach out to us.

You can get a FLAT 15% OFF on your first booking with us. So, hop on to our inquiry page and let us know what needs to be done, and we’ll get in contact with you soon.

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