5 Ways to Make Your Senior Portrait Stand Out from the Others

If you’re about to graduate high school, then it’s time for your senior portraits!

Senior photos are a way to commemorate the end of your high school years. Whether have your photographs were taken right after graduation or a few weeks into summer vacation; senior portraits allow you to capture the memories and milestones of your time in high school.

If you want them to stand out from all the others, here are some creative ways to make sure they do just that!

1. Go For A Really Cool Background

For this senior, the photographer thought outside the box and put her in front of fun graffiti that added a lot of character to the portrait. It kind of looks like she’s on top of some secret message just for her!

2. Wear The School Uniform, But Not Like Everyone Else

This graduate decided to add her own unique spin to the traditional school uniform. She jazzed it up with a bright pink bowtie and fun patterned socks. It’s a great way to show off her personality and style!

3. Pose With A Unique Prop

Graduating from high school is a huge milestone, so why not commemorate it with a prop that is special to you? This graduate chose to pose with her yearbook, which is a great way to show off her memories from high school.


4. Have Fun With The Pose

This graduate had a lot of fun with her senior portrait, and it shows! She’s giving the peace sign and laughing, which makes for a really happy and memorable photo.

5. Get artsy!

If you’re into photography and art, then why not use that to your advantage for your senior portraits? This graduate used a cool light painting technique to create an interesting and unique portrait.

No matter what you do, make sure that you have fun with your senior portraits! It’s one of the last times that you’ll get professional photos taken, so try to do something different and unique.

Final words

If you’re still stuck on what to do, then why not check out Bright Focus Photography? We can give you ideas of how others have spiced up their portraits.

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