A Brief Guide to Taking Perfect Family Portraits

Most professional photographers, when they showcase their photography skills, show smiles and laughter. You will find family photos in fabulous outfits and smiling faces. Contrary to popular belief, you should not be striving for it. In reality, you will find yourself in a far more stressful situation.

The kids will be nap-deprived, the parents will be stressing, trying to make them smile, and the dogs will be wagging their tails most of the time. In short, family photography is far less magical than it looks on paper. So, why strive to make it perfect when you can make the most of it by capturing real-life interactions?

Family portrait photography is not all glitters and gold, but the true essence is capturing natural moments.

Here’s what you can do

You will be surprised to hear the quality of images you can receive if you do not force things on anyone. Your natural and go-to options for poses should be: walk, stand, sit.

When you photograph the family in their natural habitat and comfort zone, you can approach genuine poses. It works because we have experimented with it with several clients, and they loved the response.  If you are running out of ideas, you can try the following techniques:

·       One, two, three, JUMP

Who doesn’t love a classic? This tip does not involve lifting the kids or swinging them. Just ask them to jump on the count of three and ask the parents to smile and exist at the moment.

·       Piggy-back rides

Let’s agree on the sole fact that even if we get old enough, we do not stop being fans of piggy-back rides. You can shuffle the combinations, such as ask the elder siblings to give their younger siblings a ride, or you can ask the parents to do it.

Your goal should be to make your clients happy because they are your ideal clients.

Wrap up

A family portrait session is not a bed of roses, but it can be converted into one if you execute it properly.

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