A Comprehensive Guide on Wedding Photography Styles

Are you a newly engaged couple with no clue on how to pick the right photographer for you? Worry not! At Bright Focus Photography, we know exactly what it takes to cater to your needs. With our comprehensive guide, we will walk you through a few of the photography styles that you might consider for your big day.

As a bride, we understand that you might be pulling your hair out to figure out which wedding style to choose as the days come closer. In return, as professionals, we will narrow down the photography styles for you so that you know what you really need for your wedding.

Shooting styles in photography

The shooting style is the first thing you need to consider before delving into further details. Our job is to make sure that you cover all aspects before finally deciding which photography style would work best on your wedding day. So, there are three shooting styles:

  • Photojournalistic – It means your photographer will continuously follow you throughout the day without instructing or directing any part of your day. It is sporadic to find a decent photojournalistic these days because some parts of the day need to be directed without disruption. So, if the prior statement fits your criteria, you may be looking to hire a photojournalistic photographer.
  • Posed – Posed photography means that every part of your wedding day will be directed. Everything is posed and manufactured and put in the right place. Every swoop of the dress is perfect, and it looks like something a portrait master would have created.
  • Hybrid – It is a combination of photojournalistic and hybrid shooting styles. A hybrid photographer will step back for photojournalistic moments and know not to instruct with the day’s authenticity. When posed pictures need to happen, they will step up and depict artistry in photography.
  • Aerial – Ever heard of drones? Yes, aerial photography is all about drones flying around covering the wedding from an aerial view. Surely you would not want your whole wedding to be covered from that angle. Still, drones add more to your day, especially ceremony exits.

Personally, our favorite is the hybrid shooting style because it makes room for authenticity on your day. It gives you beautiful portraits without them feeling contrived or too fake. Without further ado, let’s look at a few of the editing styles in wedding photography.

Editing styles in photography

You must familiarize yourself with editing styles. So, without any delay, let’s see what those are:

  • True to Color – Suppose you pick a lime green dress for your wedding. True to Color will make sure that the dress appears lime green in the photographs as well. It won’t turn out to be gray, or purple, or anything else. It is going to be true to the color.
  • Light and Airy – A light and airy photographer will typically have more brighter whites. There will be less contrast and fewer details.
  • Oversaturated – Let’s imagine you pick a sage green dress for your bridesmaids. What oversaturation will do is that it will turn those sage green dresses into lime green dresses. As a rule, it is neither wrong nor right; it is just a style. You have to determine whether you like it or not.
  • Dark and Moody – It means that the shadows will be much more pronounced. There will be a lot more contrast in the images. It can become a stunning edit, but then again, it depends on what type of style you prefer.

Now, we will move forward with the last thing you need to consider – lighting in photography. So, let’s see what it is.

Drawing a conclusion

So, you are familiar with the terms, and you know what it takes to make the most on your wedding day. You can use this information to hire the best wedding photographer that sits well with your requirements.

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