Are You Unhappy With Your Wedding Photos? Here’s What You Can Do

Congratulations! You are married. What next? Well, like others, now you are waiting for the photographs to be sent by your photographer. You are dreaming about the pictures being inch-perfect. In fact, you start thinking of it as your prized possession.

You might also be thinking about where you’re going to use them. Picture frames? Home Décor? Thank-you cards? Well, what if you receive them only to find out they are below average, or worse, what if you hate them?

Now you are wondering in disbelief. Negative thoughts are pouring in, and you are left with nothing but a situation of dismay. While everything may seem lost, there is a way to get out of this situation. No, we will not tell you to go back in time using a time machine, but you can still rectify the problem.

Here’s our expert advice from the professionals at Bright Focus Photography.

Do some research before hiring a photographer

One of the biggest mistakes couples make before getting married is hiring a photographer without research. Even if your conscience allows you to go for an experienced photographer, chances are they will not match what you need.

While hiring a wedding photographer, you are trusting that person with the biggest day of your life. So, make sure to necessitate some research. For that matter, you can study their portfolio, look for a few references, or read reviews.

Perspective matters a lot more than you think

Every bride gushes over her wedding photographs. We, as professionals, know the excitement brides contain just to get the first few glimpses of the wedding photographs. However, if you do not like the pictures at first glance, be sure to see them from a different perspective.

Be sure that you are not being too hard on the photographer or yourself. If you think your hair or dress does not look great, there’s a big chance it’s not your photographer’s fault. However, suppose the photographs do not match the portfolio or their Instagram. In that case, there’s a slight chance that the photographer has messed it up badly. Yikes!


While you may think all is lost, it is not. With our tips and expert advice, you can turn the crisis into opportunity and dust to gold. However, if you are still reluctant to find a new solution, you can contact us. We will help you and assist you with your problem.

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