Drone Photography is the future of weddings – here’s why!

Have you ever come across a wedding video that started with a fantastic overhead shot? You are in awe because you can take a look at the beautiful venue so clearly. It looks like a Hollywood movie, but in reality, it’s only a work of drone photography behind the back.

What is Drone Photography?

Now you are asking real questions. What is drone photography, and how can you capture the whole wedding function by an unmanned aircraft? Well, a drone can quickly be flown without a human in control. So, drone photography allows the photographer to capture aerial shots from above merely by standing on the ground.

Drone photography allows you to get epic landscape shots of the venue. Although it is not anything new, it gained popularity in the last few years. Other than capturing amazing pictures, a drone gives a cinematic video experience for a video.

Ideal Environment for Drone Photography

It goes without saying that drones can cover any wedding. Still, outdoor weddings with idyllic settings can prove to be a bonus. Imagine getting married in front of a waterfront or a historic estate. In its natural habitat, drone photography works best when there is a vast expanse of view.

Hire a Professional for Drone Photography

Suppose you want to receive top-notch drone photography services. In that case, you must hire a professional whose drone is insured and certified for usage. Usually, drones are very safe, but there’s a very minimal chance things can go south. While hiring a drone photographer, make sure to ask if he/she has Part 107 certification.

Demerits of Drone Photography

Flying drones is all fun and games, but it carries a few cons when it comes to a realistic point of view. Let’s go through a few of them:

Noise factor

It is important to note that drones make a buzzing sound while they are flying above your head. While hiring a drone photographer, you must bring it to their attention. You do not want that unpleasant surprise.

Solution: All is not lost! With the advancing technology, we have new and quieter drones that have made the drones quieter. As a solution, limit the drone usage to the beginning and the end of your wedding ceremony to not interrupt during special moments.

Not always possible

Ever heard about the rules and regulations for airspace? Well, they are very strict, and drones happen to be under that category. Before you jump the bandwagon with drone photography, make sure to communicate with the owner of your wedding venue. Ask them if the drone is allowed to be flown on that property.

Bad weather can cause chaos

Due to propeller technology, some drones are water-resistant and windy situations are not a problem for them. However, inclement weather, such as extreme snow, can cause the footage to be disturbed. Furthermore, if the drone is water-resistant, the rain will still be active as a barrier.


We have measured the pros and cons of drone photography. Still, if the points mentioned earlier are not a problem for you, opt for it, and you would be in for a surprise. If you have more suggestions about drone photography, please let us know in the comments section. Lastly, do not forget to book with us for your special day. We are currently offering a FLAT 15% OFF.

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