How Props Can Help You Adorn Wedding Photos

Many wedding photographers don’t appreciate the importance of props in wedding photography. Sure, you can take great photos with your camera, and with practice, you’ll get excellent results on your wedding day, but props can make all the difference.


At bright Focus Photography, our team of skilled photographers considers props as a big part of wedding shoots. These props add a particular aesthetic that other methods just can’t provide. For example, if you’re taking wedding photos in a church, then it’s much less important to use a fancy, expensive camera than it is to have your guest wear custom-made tuxedos and carry crystal glasses (people will just assume that you’re taking wedding photos in a classy, expensive, church).

Add a more realistic touch.

The same applies to outdoor weddings. If you’re taking your wedding photos outdoors, a prop such as a birdhouse or a fire can provide a much more authentic look to your outdoor wedding photos, whereas just having your guests stand there with their hands folded could seem almost as fake as the surroundings.

Digitize your props

Now that we’ve discussed a bit about props let’s talk about some other methods that you can use to add even more style and flair to your photographs. One of the most popular things these days is to incorporate social media into your wedding photography. Most wedding photographers have at least one social media account (or several), so you should include some social media aspects into your props for photos.

To conclude

The possibilities are endless with social media; you can take pictures of your wedding party, you can show some pictures from your honeymoon, you can take photos during your cocktail hour, etc… You can also post your entire album on social media for everyone to enjoy.

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