How to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Have you ever thought about sneaking your pet inside your upcoming wedding function? If yes, then you do deserve a title of a hero. We also understand that including your fur babies as a part of a wedding may seem impossible. But, worry no more!

We know what it takes to dethrone the cliché wedding photography standards. So, that is precisely why we are here to set new ones. We have compiled some of the most adorable ideas for you to incorporate your pets into the wedding.

There are plenty of ways to get things done. It doesn’t matter if you are a dog owner, cat owner, or even a horse owner; these tips will surely help your pet play a unique role on your big day. However, there is something for you to consider before going down that lane, i.e., your pet’s personality.

If you are a pet owner, you definitely know your pet’s personality. Now, compare it with the venue you have selected. Does the premise match with your pet’s personality? If yes, then you are good to go.

Let’s see some of our ideas now.

Ensure a safe environment for your pet

Before choosing a venue, make sure to notify your organizers to ensure a pet-friendly environment. You do not want your dog to be running around all day for some silly reason. Even if that happens, don’t fret. You can always ask the organizers to keep your pet’s favorite toys to keep it contained during the ceremony.

Walking down the aisle

You are walking down the aisle. While we understand that your pet might steal your spotlight, but trust us when we say this – it’s worth it. It may look awkward to some, but walking down the aisle with your pet could be one of the most amazing things you can do in your life.

Ring bearer at your disposal

So, we might be guessing that you are short of a ring bearer. Well, not anymore! With your beautiful pup, you can entrust him to carry the ring for you.

There’s an alternate

If you are crazy about your pet, there’s a big chance not everyone will feel the same way. As an alternate, you can include your pet in the engagement session. There will be fewer people around. If your pet is an introvert, it will automatically feel happy and in the mood.

Expect the unexpected

While everyone may be expecting a dog or a cat, or even a horse at best, surprise them with something else. Maybe, an Alpaca?

Get them on the dance floor

If your pets have some moves, make sure to get them on the dance floor to get the best photography experience. It is always essential to keep the environment light by spreading laughter, and this is one of the perfect ways to do it.

Final Words

It does not matter what anyone thinks. Your ultimate furry companions have been there with you in your ups and downs. So, why not let it accompany you to the best day of your life? Well, with our tips, you can say your dream of including your pet in your wedding has come true.

So, what’s with the wait? Start preparing your pet’s dress and get ready to walk down the aisle together and shape your wedding to perfection. However, if you search for a US-based photographer, we are here to cater to your photography needs.

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