How to Master Lighting in Photography

Lighting is one of the most crucial factors that drive photography. Be it capturing portraits or landscapes, lighting a subject can prove to be tricky at times. So, how can you master lighting?

As proven professionals in the field, we, at Bright Focus Photography, understand the need to get your viewers in the feel through top-tier pictures.

We have curated a list of some of the photographers’ problems and their solutions for that purpose. For instance, sometimes the light is too harsh, and the other times, it will be too dark. It is a bit difficult to master lighting in photography, but you can go a long way with our help.

So, let’s go through a detailed plan and how you can incorporate artistry into your work.

Broad light source softens the light

It goes without saying that a broad light source will lessen shadows and suppress the textures. In contrast, narrowing the light source will make the light harsh. When the light is coming from a broad source, the subject will grab light from more directions.

Lighting from anywhere but the front emphasizes texture

While taking a portrait, you might think the best idea is to take the picture from the front, but the reality is different. Generally, more texture is revealed if the angle is greater at which the light is positioned. For instance, if you are taking a picture of your dog, position the light source on the side to fetch more details, such as its fur.

However, lighting from the front minimalizes shadows

If you want to overlook the texture phase, front lighting can help you minimize shadows. However, there is also a downside to it. Front lighting can prove to be flat since it does not give away a three-dimensional feel. It is one of the reasons why shadows are essential in photography.

Understanding color temperature

Most of us have a bizarre fact that when ‘light’ comes to mind, we think of white. In reality, light has color, and it is called color temperature. Sometimes, our brains are so focused on adjusting our perception that we hardly ever notice the difference in lighting.
For example, the color of morning and afternoon sunlight is a little warmer in tone as compared to the midday light. There are a few light bulbs that cast yellow light, and they add color on any surface they bounce off.
We, at Bright Focus Photography, are all about help. Other than our own work, we have helped a lot of young and struggling photographers. So, here’s a pro tip. While photographing a landscape on a fine, clear day, make sure that your camera’s color balance is cloudy. As a result, it will act as a warming filter.

Use a diffuser

During a portrait session, a diffuser will be your last shot at redemption. You can use a diffuser if you want to spread your light more evenly across the subject. As a result, it will broaden the light source and make it softer.

Distance makes lighting dimmer

It might sound dumb, but it shouldn’t if you are not a big fan of reading about photography facts. As you increase the light source’s distance away from the subject, it will start getting dimmer. The light starts to spread out and touches other subjects who are not in the scene.

In photography, two elements create depth in your pictures, i.e., light and shadow. There is a term called ‘zone of sharpness,’ which is an area in a picture. Everything within the zone of sharpness is focused; meanwhile, the other area is blurred.

So, lighting from above, below, or sides can help you cast deeper shadows. You can deploy these tactics if you want to work with product and landscape photography.


As a beginner in a photographer career, you might struggle to make peace with lighting in your photography. But we hope that our helpful tips and tricks will help you pave the way to a fantastic career up ahead. At Bright Focus, we are all about the help and services we offer. Navigate to the solution right away and let your work do the talking.

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