How To Overkill Your Senior Photography Day

Every high school student has the same objective in mind for their senior pictures: to look beautiful. However, people frequently feel self-conscious or anxious in front of the lens. That’s why knowing how to picture coach kids into cute poses is crucial. Here are some pro tips on how to become a celeb on your senior photography day.

Do the pose

Guys always look fantastic in this straight-on stance, which makes their arms appear more strong. I prefer to have them stand with one foot slightly to the side as well. This relaxes the topic and prevents them from seeming stiff or uncomfortable.

A bit different for girls

Standing straight on gives the impression that the topic is flat and rigid. Give your image a depth by her leaning forward, which creates its own set of thirds. The very first third is her hand nearest to the camera, the middle half is her head, and the last third is her posture, which is furthest away from the camera.

Get the perfect angle.

This will instantly thin your senior, giving them form and a feeling of movement. You didn’t want the standard “look at the lens and grin your heart out” pose. Get a picture with a bit of action and passion. Try to shoot into the light with a 55mm f/1.8 lens, generating a flow of backlight that accentuates the mobility of her look and stance.


All of these tips will only make your senior photography session look more professional. However, it isn’t imperative to must use them. You can also come up with your own camera poses, in which you feel comfortable and look amazing. After all, it’s your big day.

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