How to Take Perfect Candid Wedding Photographs

At Bright Focus Photography, we believe candid photography is the most valid form of photography. No matter the emotion, candid photography always captures the best moments of the day. By capturing candid moments, you are translating them into genuine and honest feelings. If you do not know how to take perfect moments, worry not, because we are here to assist you with expert tips.

One of the ways we try to capture flawless candid photos is by embracing the surroundings. Keep in mind that you have to capture every genuine emotion that happened throughout the day. It starts from the early day, such as getting the bride ready until the wedding’s final moments. In between, you will get a plethora of moments to capture those unblemished photographs.

Stay active during vows

One of the most noteworthy moments of the day during a wedding is when the couples exchange vows. A lot of emotions flow through their faces unexpectedly. Be it laughter or tears or a glimpse of true love, you need to be ready to capture those perfect moments.

Forget about the poses

The most perfect pictures do not come out of poses. If you want to capture intimate moments between the husband and wife, stop intruding by asking the couple to pose. Do not get too involved in the process of trying to achieve a perfect pose, where you could have captured tens of amazing candid photographs.

Make the props count

Most of the weddings have a section where there are tons of props. If you happen to be in one of them, make it count because it is your ticket to capturing a myriad of amazing candid pictures. Props stir up a good response and make every moment worthy of being photographed.

Keep the friends and family in your frame

Try to get in the rhythm as soon as the guests start arriving. You must keep an eye out for close friends and family. Capture the candid moments when any close relative comes up to meet the bride or the groom. The reason is that the emotions are at an all-time high in those moments. It can tell so much about who was emotionally present during the wedding.

Keep the scenery in your frame

When you arrive at the wedding venue, you need to know that there is a big chance this venue was chosen after months of thinking. While taking candid photographs, make sure to include the scenery behind while keeping the couple as a focal point.

The couple could be on an island or walk through New York City streets, the end result will come as a big surprise. As a result, it could lead to creating amazing impromptu photographs of the couple. So, make sure you are covering both the couple and the landscape to improvise a feel-good factor.

Final Words

When you give the couple enough room to relish their day, it gives them a feeling of immense joy. You do not even need to indulge in fancy intricacies of the day; just tag along with their movements and keep capturing the crucial moments as they pass.

The key is to let go of trying to capture the perfect and rather be present in the couple’s moment. If you achieve that goal, you will pave the way to an expert candid photographer.

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