Lifestyle Family Photography Posing: Capturing Family Connection

Despite lifestyle photography gaining a lot of popularity, I find that many are still not aware that you have to go through quite a bit of trial and error in posing before you can successfully take those enviable lifestyle shots.

Usually, stepping into a session of family lifestyle photography at home or outdoors means that you need to be able to guide your family clientele into executing poses that genuinely demonstrate the connection they have with their loved ones—all while keeping the photoshoot in check.

Because of this, I like to think of lifestyle family photography posing as a form of art that involves directing instead of mere posing.

Although every family client is different, there is so much connection that can be captured in each family shoot—if only you knew how to portray it.

So, I am enumerating below a handful of poses that can help you turn your family photos into the best storytellers that memorialize the connection you have with your family.


Let’s dive right in.

5 Easy lifestyle family photography poses that instantly capture your family connection

1) Embracing and leaning towards one another

I always say out with the stiff family portraits and in with the genuinely happy family snaps!

Whether it’s in high school senior photography or other types of photography, I notice that most individuals who are not used to being in front of the lens tend to freeze and get awkward when faced with a photographer with a camera in their hands.

You can only imagine how it feels when the situation involves an entire family; the degree of frustration is high from both ends of the lens, trust me.

So, if you find yourself relating to this scenario, why not try embracing and leaning towards one another instead, for starters?

You can wrap arms around one another securely or place your head on another’s shoulder.

Not only does this position provide you with comfort and help you relax, but it also results in photographs that are full of life and love.

2) Forming shapes that have a deep meaning

Did you know that different poses can also create shapes that your family may find meaningful?

For example, a mother embracing her two children makes it look like her arms form a triangle.

In this scenario, the triangle shape can be taken to mean growth, whether that’s growth pertaining to her kids or growth pertaining to their family.

If this type of lifestyle family photography pose is something that interests you, I can direct you and your family members so that your poses form various shapes that are meaningful for you and your loved ones.

3) Lying down

Count on me on this one. All you have to do for this lifestyle photography pose with your family is just to lie down together and play or snuggle with each other without minding the camera.

For lifestyle family photography shoots like this, I usually stand on higher ground and take photos of you and your family lying down at another angle, such as on the sideways.

This posing usually allows me to view things from a different perspective and will make you realize the impact of different angles on your photos and on their ambiance.

4) Minding the height

When doing photography for high school seniors, I typically make it a point to arrange everyone by height so that I can get a balanced photo of the entire class.

However, it would be unnatural to position you and your family by height if you were to book a lifestyle photography session with me.

So, what I sometimes do is, I mix head heights to create levels that bring each family member closer together.

This does not only leave a strong impression of authenticity; mixing height differences can also help me create a more interesting and fun composition for your shots. 

5) Interacting and playing with one another


All in all

As a photographer, it is my job (and my passion) to capture the moments you have with your family that you would like to treasure for the rest of your lives.

Hopefully, the poses I mentioned above are helpful for what you have in mind.

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