Lifestyle Vs. Traditional Family portraits: The Key Differences

When we think of family pictures, we generally imagine everyone lined up, smiling, and dressed nicely. Family lifestyle portraits give your portraiture a wholesome perspective. Rather than presenting everyone correctly, lifestyle photography shows the family’s spirit and interactions. The element of surprise is a wonderful touch to a comprehensive family album. Let’s start with a comparison of the two different family album perspectives.

What comprises a traditional family portrait album

This is the most common form of family portrait requested. It’s the standard family portrait: everyone is looking at the camera, they’re all lined up, and they’re all dressed nicely. You’ll notice, though, that they all have the same appearance. This is since we shoot conventional photographs using similar posing principles to Foundation Posing. Here are some traditional family portraits scenarios for you to choose from.

The Standard

Try putting the head of families always in the center, and then you can arrange the remaining family members in a freestyle order facing the camera. You can use this idea for squeezing huge families into a photograph. Draw attention to the photo’s “feel” or “vibe.” Ask if the family can dress up in complementary colors to blend in with the selected backdrop.

A family of three

When shooting for a family of three people, choose someone to be the focal point and build around them. You can instruct them to get more natural and candid looks after everyone is in place. For an idea, you can clothe the family in red to make them stand out against the green background in the photo. It is all about the mix and match.

Add actions

You may take it a step further by include motions like walking to elicit varied reactions. Have the family stroll through an area while speaking amongst themselves to acquire a live photo. You can make the family wore outfits matching the surroundings.

Lifestyle Family Portraits

You can summarize lifestyle family portraits as their daily routine — images captured with added composition value. With that, everybody has their own catch on what “lifestyle” is.


People love reality and honesty in their images, as goes for lifestyle family pictures. That is the essence of living a healthy lifestyle. A more “candid” lifestyle allows for more “shortcomings.” Which means, you should not wait for the perfect moment and click picture randomly.  Wishing to record each member of the family’s distinct mannerisms. In other ways, don’t look for “perfection.” Capture those flaws because that’s what makes anything genuine and authentic.


Soothe the youngster

Make the family into playing games, a game that children enjoy. Sometimes, your client only needs to snap the shutter and catch the scene as it occurred. The beauty of such photographs is children enjoying at the time.


Take note of the photo’s excellent composition. Make the family stands out against the brilliant background, and lead the lines directs viewer’s gaze. Lifestyle photography is ideal for capturing realistic situations while also embracing photographic skills.

Imperfection is perfection.

Although the expressions aren’t perfect smiles, the occasion itself is. Capture candid photos simply when they are having a good time, and all you need to do at the time is know when to click it.

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