Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photography

Picking the right wedding photographer is a significant factor; they’re in charge of preserving one of the most important days of your life, so choosing someone you can trust and feel at ease with is crucial to ensuring a stress-free and memorable wedding day. So, here are some essential questions you need to ask your wedding photographer before hiring one.

The number of photos?

Depending on the duration of the wedding you want them to shoot your wedding and the volume of guests, a wedding photographer ought to give you an estimate. To provide you with an idea of what to expect, eight hours of wedding photography generally yields around 300-350 edited photos.

Will they edit the photographs?

You must establish from the beginning that your photographer will complete the task, including the editing. Ask if they will provide the editing of photographs and, if yes, what kind of retouching will be done. In most cases, the time spent editing equals the hours spent photographing your wedding.

What will be the time of delivery

Couples should always inquire about the timeline for obtaining their wedding photographs. My wedding customers get their pictures within a month, and I send them a small selection of photos a few days after their wedding, so they don’t have to wait too long.

What will be the payment method

The usual wedding photography deposit is 20% of the total cost, and the date is not reserved until the money is received. Complete payment is generally due a week or two before the wedding, but it’s crucial to inquire about when full payment is due because every photographer is different.

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