Running Low on Camera battery? Here is how to make it last longer


The battery life of a camera might be a significant issue. The joke used to be that you purchased a body, a lens, and five batteries for Sony cameras. Fortunately, camera battery life has dramatically increased over time. When we transitioned to mirrorless cameras, though, one of the main drawbacks was battery life.


So, if you’ve just bought a new camera, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of the battery. We ensure that your camera will give you more juice. Take a look at these suggestions by Bright Focus Photography.

Reduce the Brightness

Some cameras have a feature that adjusts the screen brightness instantly. You don’t have to do anything. It’s convenient, but it’s not always so. As a general rule, darken the screen just a smidgeon. Set it to brighter if you genuinely need it to be that way. Even better, if the camera allows it, fold the screen in.

Use new memory cards.

We receive many review units and a massive proportion of cameras and SD cards to utilize. Writing to slower SD cards takes longer. The camera’s processor will work harder and longer the write takes.


Making your camera work less complicated is a superb method to extend its battery life. You might be able to get away with utilizing a slower, less expensive SD card. However, you will undoubtedly pay for it in the long run in terms of charges and, most likely, batteries.

Lower the ISO

Here’s something you probably didn’t realize! The higher the ISO, the more power is used by your camera. This is because your camera performs additional functions such as noise reduction, detail rendering, and more at higher ISO settings.


It does this regardless of the circumstances, which is one of the reasons why camera manufacturers praise it so much. Extended ISO settings can enhance the output unnaturally.


We hope these few tips will surely help you make your camera battery last longer than it usually does.

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