Senior Photography: What Does It Mean to Be a Photographer?

Senior Photography is essentially all about commemorating an event of life. This is usually a time when everything is set to turn around and make some crucial digital decisions. It’s essential to take some time out of the year to really appreciate and contemplate what’s going on around you. Senior photography is one way to do that.


Bright Focus Photography doesn’t only pay close attention to shooting any mainstream photograph. Therefore, our photographers really get down and dirty and dig deep into the hearts and souls to find the most meaningful pictures that capture who you are and how you see the world. And not just any photograph, but an alive picture that lets you say, “This is me.”

Senior photography

What does it mean to be a photographer? It means having a very open mind and a passion for something that you love. This passion will show itself when it comes time to take a senior photoshoot.

It’s all about you

The trick is to go all out in your senior photography shoot to really make it about you. This doesn’t mean you have to outshine or put on a show for the camera. Rather, it’s more about showing who you are and what you have accomplished.


This is really what it’s all about, and this is why we believe senior photography is the best type of photography because it allows the photographer to get at the back of the lens and really showcase who they are.

About Us

Based in Missouri, Bright Focus Photography is a name of excellence in providing excellent photography services. Our exuberant services, dipped with a punch of humor, will be everything you need for your big day. By adding a hint of honesty, kindness, hard work, and fairness to our work, we stand out among many others for the effort we put into our work.