Choosing the Best Locations for Your Senior Photoshoots

Finding the perfect location for your high school senior photography shoots can be a very complicated and confusing process.

This is a given, considering that you may have your personal preferences, and you want your senior photos to portray your senior high school life flawlessly.

However, there’s no need to shed too much sweat and tears. Below is a list of guide questions I have compiled that should allow you to finalize the best location for your senior photos.

Finding the best location for your senior photos

1) What part of you do you want to portray in the photo?

There are several things about you that I’m sure you want to feature in your senior portraits, but you can only choose a few.

List all of them down and choose which of them clearly shouts something about you.

From there, you can get a view of some location ideas that would certainly help you draw out the story about you that you want to portray. It should also be able to portray what you want to say about your personality.

A good location would be an area that complements your story and further showcases the special being that is you.

2) What hobbies or interests do you have?

If you have a particular hobby that you want to showcase, finding the best location associated with that interest is only fitting.

If you’re into books, then a library or a vintage study might work best for you. If you’re into sports, you might also want to take some shots in your home court or in a wide sports field.

The most crucial thing to consider in these situations is how to incorporate your hobbies and interests into your senior photos.

3) Do you want to be with your pet?

Having your pet in your senior pictures may make things a bit complicated. You have to consider first whether you can take them anywhere. And even if you could, you also need to think about where you can take them without causing trouble to other civilians.

Before anything else, determine if your pet is safe for other people to interact with. You don’t want any accident to happen during the photoshoot, especially one that will involve your lifestyle photographer.

If that’s completely under control, you can then start deciding on where you can take your timeless photos with your pet.

Depending on your pet, you can either stay indoors or outdoors. Some pets are not allowed outside of a barn, so it’s vital to take this thing into account when choosing the best location for your photography for high school seniors.

4) What time of year do you want it to be taken?

This is one of the most practical questions you have to answer when deciding upon a high school senior photography location.

There are seasons that may limit your sessions to indoors, while there are seasons that may open you to the breathtaking sceneries of nature.

If you plan to have a natural background setting, you would certainly want to coordinate your plans with the weather.

Certain weather or seasonal conditions can highlight a variety of location choices. For example, the natural greeneries are particularly breathtaking during spring, while sandy beaches are totally enticing in summertime. Autumn would also perfectly complement golden fields, while icy lakes would dazzle anyone’s vision in wintertime.

While this may not provide much help with an indoor photography session, it would surely help you get the perfect natural background for your outdoor photoshoots.

5) Can you freely take photos in that location?

Once you already have a list of possible locations in mind, it is best to check them out before deciding anything.

There are quite a few inspiring locations that would need you to get a permit or pay some fees before you can take your senior pictures.

6) What does your photographer have to say about your plan?

A family lifestyle photographer or high school senior photographer is sure to have a lot of useful insights considering the experiences they already have.

So, try discussing with them your plans on how your senior portraits should feel and look. Chances are, with their considerable exposure to the field, they just might be able to give you the locations that you are looking for.

With an experienced professional, you not only have someone who can take snaps of your senior years but also someone who can help you decide about several photoshoot-related matters.

All in all

Truthfully, locating the best spot for your high school senior photography is not that simple. More so, when you have to decide on which of your list of potential locations best showcases the senior high school you.

However, these tips should get you started in your journey of choosing the best location for your senior photos.

For fun and fruitful photography for high school seniors, you can contact me at 636.795.ARTS.

I look forward to working with you!

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