What Is A Pre-Wedding Shoot And Why Do You Need It?

What is a pre-wedding shoot, and how can it alleviate your stress on the wedding day? Let’s find out about it and more in this post.

If you are familiar with the Asian continent and weddings in it, you will know that pre-wedding shoots are a common thing over there. Recently, the trend of pre-wedding shoots has gone in an upward spiral in the USA as well.

While you might think it is unnecessary to opt for a pre-wedding shoot, it also comes with many benefits. Before delving into the minor details, let’s see what a pre-wedding wedding is and how much does it matter?

A Brief Introduction on Pre-Wedding Shoots

Now we’re asking real questions. What is a pre-wedding shoot? It is not an engagement session. It is an event where the couple is getting into their wedding attire well before their wedding. They are seeing each other in those beautiful dresses for the first time. They get their pictures done in unique locations or unique set items, such as a helicopter or even a tractor.

The primary intent behind getting these pictures is to display them later on on the wedding day. What started as a peculiar trend in Asia is slowly making an entrance in the US as well. At Bright Focus Photography, we love to work with creative people. A pre-wedding shoot allows precisely that without a constrained timeline, which leads us to our first tip on why you need it.

Tight Timeline

Have you ever felt stressed when it came to your wedding day timeline? If yes, then we can relate. There is so much to try and fit in.

You have to take pictures in your first look and get detailed shots with your bridesmaids. You have to squeeze in almost everything before it gets to the part where you take pictures as a couple. As a dismay situation, you realize you have only five minutes left on the clock by the time you are ready. In reality, you should maximize your time getting portraits with your other half.

As a solution, a pre-wedding shoot helps you dodge this bullet. It allows more time to have beautiful, dramatic, and epic shots filled with romance without feeling stressed on your wedding day.

Outdoor Venue

You should opt for a pre-wedding shoot because you have an outdoor venue with no rain plan. You have envisioned a beautiful wedding ceremony and lovely romantic portraits. Still, there is no way you can get those pictures if it rains.

That is another reason you should have a pre-wedding shoot where you can pick the day and make sure the weather is exactly what you want. Only then can you get the perfect pictures you have envisioned with your spouse.

Too Many Locations

A pre-wedding shoot is necessary when you have so many locations in mind that you want for your portraits on your wedding day. Still, it is impossible to get all of them. Why? Because you cannot squeeze everything in eight hours. Instead, you can plan your itinerary epically, literally.

Be it three locations, four locations, or even two days of shooting, the world will become your oyster because you will have all the time in the world to get your pictures done. Imagine scheduling a shoot in New York and then Key West; you could do all of that way ahead of time without carrying stress on your wedding day.

Surprise Your Guests

The fourth reason is that you can ‘wow’ your guests at your cocktail hour through a pre-wedding shoot. Imagine them coming into your reception and being in front of a 20 x 30 or a 30 x 40 picture of the two of you.
By seeing something so beautiful, they will be taken aback by such a beautiful display of love. Furthermore, it will create a conversation piece to talk about while feasting on their food and drinks.


Pre-wedding shoots are a growing trend in the wedding industry. They can reshape the entire wedding day timeline. What are your views on pre-wedding shoots? Let us know in the comments section down below. We would love to hear your opinions.
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