Things to Keep in Mind Before Family Photoshoots

Family photography is a constant staple in the digital photography industry and yet, a skill and an art that any professional photographer should master to establish themselves in the industry for future success. Family photos are always in high demand since, at any age, capturing family memories is always meaningful, and these photos are a thing that families will always want to hold on to.


While taking a family photo may be one of the most challenging photoshoots, we at Bright Focus Photography can do it beautifully with the right equipment and settings. Here are some locations for a family photoshoot:


Taking family photos in a bedroom is one of the best locations for a family portrait as it gives the family privacy and gives them a chance to be alone and enjoy each other’s company. If you are using a point-and-shoot camera, then make sure that you use the aperture settings to your advantage to capture beautiful shots in this area. Aperture has a huge impact on the images’ clarity and depth, so pay close attention to it.


Having enough lenses on hand for your family portraits is vital to the success of the entire shoot. If you don’t have a lot of lenses on hand, consider purchasing a few to give yourself a more professional look. When taking a family photo, you will be using your camera’s flash, so having fast shutter speeds and the proper flash settings is essential. This means having one of your basic flash units or a portable compact flash to provide a variety of flashes for different situations.

Lens for the Floor.

If you plan on taking family pictures outside, consider the types of lens that will best suit the location. For example, if you are taking the family portrait outside in the front yard, you may want to use wide-angle lenses to provide the background with a greater dimension.


If you take the family portrait in an indoor setting, smaller telephoto lenses may be better suited. There are plenty of options for lenses, and it’s best to explore them to find the best lenses for the different locations where you plan on taking the family photos.


Zoomers are another critical element for many family photography professionals because they can bring a greater dimension to the subjects. Zooms can provide the background to a greater extent, allowing the viewer to see the details in the faces and the environment.


There are many different cookers to choose from, including the larger and more popular zooms like the 50mm; however, many photographers feel that the zoom lenses available on the smaller cameras are much more convenient and perfect for their home studio work.

Tilt-shift lenses

Many family portrait photographers choose to use tilt-shift lenses. These are smaller than average telephoto lenses. They are great for portrait photographers who need to eliminate some of the background clutter or eliminate parts of the subject that might be distracting to viewers.


Most tilt-shift lenses are available in SLR, and there are some specialty lenses available as well.

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