Tips for Family Portraits That Turn Lifeless Pictures Into Amazing Photography

Family portraits can be a great and profitable business if you know where to take them and how to make them exciting and memorable. The most important aspect of a family portrait is the pose you choose for the subject.


While many professional photographers are trained in traditional still-life poses, you may feel more comfortable taking your family photo in a unique style that’s not always seen in still shots. One of the best places to try out different poses is at a local photo studio, but if they are too expensive, you can also find and use still life or model releases online.


Remember that the photo studio is likely to have models who specialize in various poses; if you try to select poses that are too complex for the models, they may feel rushed and uncomfortable.

Include the family pet

Many people consider their pets to be a part of the family, so photo opportunities featuring family portraits should include close-ups of pets. If possible, ask the studio to create a photo montage of different family members relaxing or enjoying each other’s company.


Other options for pet photos could be a shot of Fido at a friend’s home or a picture of puppy Chunk playing with his human family member, or an image of baby squirrels playing together in the studio.

Combine different photography styles

Many studios will provide a wide range of photo props and accessories, such as felt pads and clothing, to help make the photographer’s job easier. If you photograph many people, think about including background items such as hats, mugs, or purses to enhance the photographs further.


Combining traditional poses with creative ideas can help turn the most boring, ordinary moments into unique and moving moments with family portraits.

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