Tips To Create An Unforgettable Senior Photography Experience

Bright Focus Photography always gets enthusiastic whenever we get to work on a high school graduation day or any senior photo shoot. Here, we get a lot of room to show our creativity through the camera.


We often take candid high school portraits to highlight a young person’s maturity and creativity, but it can be fun to develop ideas to get great senior high school pictures that tell a story instead. Here are some of the few tips from our experts to make your senior album memorable and alive.

Incorporate the spirits into the photos

Have fun with the seniors. While senior photographs are often expected to be serious, it is often more fun to go out of the box and try something new. For instance, if you are taking your senior photos when your seniors are adventurous and fun-loving, you can try to incorporate some of their adventurous spirits into the pictures.

Stardom on social media

Senior portraits in high school are all about sharing on social media! Today’s youth crave it, so making them a social media celebrity is an integral part of creating an experience they’ll tell their friends about. You can accomplish this in various ways over the course of your client’s time with you.


When a client books with you, the first thing you can do is post an announcement on social media. Create a template that matches your brand and use it to post on social platforms whenever you book a customer. This not only helps your client get excited about their session, but it lets all their friends know that they booked a session with you.

Prepare your senior photography session a few months ahead.

This is so important because you want to get the most out of the session – especially since you are getting paid to do it. When your photographer gets the hang of things, he or she will be able to plan the session around the type of shots you want. 


Whether it be a group shot portrait or solo shots, it will also help if you give them the exact directions on what to do and expect them to get a good experience together.

Be flexible with your schedules.

A lot of photographers choose to offer their services to seniors in only specific years. It works for people trying to get the most out of their senior portraits and focus on certain times of the year.


However, if you have a passion for capturing photos in all years, you should allow your photographer to do that. They are the experts, and it will be more meaningful for you if you let them do the work.

This is the day

Have fun with your senior photography sessions. Even if you know you will not like certain poses, it is always a good idea to go through them before the actual day arrives. This will help you get used to the poses a little more.


Plus, when you enjoy yourself during the photoshoot, your photographer will be even more interested in shooting the session. This is because they know you will enjoy the photos they take.

Final words

Finally, remember that it is okay to change your clothes as the shoot goes on. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so during the shoot, don’t hesitate to transform it into something less formal. This way, you can also experiment with the lighting and other elements of the Southern Missouri area.


Also, remember that even though most professional photographers are used to photographing southern California couples, they realize that people from all over the world have their unique personalities. So, be as genuine as possible during your senior portraits shoot!

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