The Ultimate Guide to Family Portrait Photography

Family photography can look like a massive burden for a photographer. It can often lead to stressful situations as well. But at Bright Focus Photography, we have a few magic tricks up our sleeves. Follow our following tips to make your next family portrait photography session more fun and valuable.

Communication is key

Be it a spouse or a client, communication is critical, acting as a driving force. When doing family portrait photography, you need to keep in mind that it is not you who should be in the driving seat.

First of all, ignite a conversation with the adults. Communicate with them and get to know what they like and dislike while avoiding sensitive subjects like politics or religion. Instead, you can talk about their favorite hobby. As for the kids, they are easy. Just play with them, and the next thing, you are their hero.

When you establish a relationship with your clients, they will co-operate with you. All you need to capture are intimate moments between families and with the proper communication.

Editing is good, but not too much

The last thing you want is to go overboard with editing your clients’ photographs. Do not apply a filter that is in trend. Instead, keep the lighting natural because it is supposed to last a lifetime. When you overdo images, they lose their charm. To maintain the charm, stick to simplicity.

Just add a personal touch to the photographs and keep one question in your mind, ‘How will the album look 20 years from now?

Play with the environment

In family portrait photography, the first thing you need to achieve is originality. To achieve that, you need to make sure the family is not making weird poses or feels a little worn out inside the park. It is your responsibility to make them play with the environment.

For instance, you can ask the mother and her baby to lean on the tree for natural frames. Furthermore, as a result, it will add composition to the photographs.

Avoid the sun

As opposed to popular belief, avoid facing the sun. Being ‘sun-kissed’ might bring aesthetics to the photographs. Still, the end result can be unflattering to the clients due to ugly shadows. Either move in the other direction or get to a place where there is no sun in any direction. You’ll thank us for this tip.

Final words

Family portrait photography is all about showing your social and technical skills. When you master technical skills, you need to jump on mastering your social skills. After that, the road to being a master in photography is a straight line.

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