Wedding Photography Ideas for a Cohesive Wedding

Outdoor wedding photography is currently the latest rage for every other wedding ceremony out here. As the trend continues to grow, more couples are planning for outdoor wedding photography as their number one choice.


At Bright Focus Photography, we state these newly wedded couples with natural parks, mountains, lakes, many other natural outdoor wedding photography spots that our clients efficiently do in their own backyards.


So, if you are one of those ambitious couples and want to capture your special moments outside for years to come, we can help you get an album to love for eternity. However, in today’s post, we share some of the most indulgent ideas for cohesive wedding photography.

The effect of a theme dress-up

If you are a bride who has chosen to go with an elaborate dress-up wedding ceremony, make sure to wear high heels all the time because this would be a stumbling block in your wedding photography. You should also consider the fact that your dress-up theme will also affect the poses you take.


For example, if you opt to dress up in pure white, it would be difficult to achieve any posing where you have to wear bright colors like red and orange. For your wedding photography, try to focus your poses on one particular item or theme, and don’t try to pose you dress up in every possible color and design.

The wedding is an occasion of two.

Apart from theme dress-up, there is a wedding photography idea that many brides forget is the fact that the photographer should not just stop by focusing on the bride, but should also stop by concentrating on the groom.


This is necessary because the groom is the main subject in the photograph. So, the photographer should also not forget about the groom.


The photographer should leave enough space in the photo to put the groom with the bride or in the background. A photographer must put enough focus on the groom.

Take the close ones in

Another wedding photography idea is that the shots should be of the bride and the groom but should include other family members and friends of the bride and groom. Why? Because these people add a lot of beauty to the photographs besides just the bride and the groom.


They can include children, parents, siblings, and even pets. You may even want to have a shot of the entire wedding party. After, no wedding is complete without a family.

Props can make your photo colorful.

When it comes to wedding photography, we highly recommend the use of props. Props such as flower bouquets, napkins, and cake toppers can significantly enhance your wedding photos. In addition, you may want to consider using a professional photographer to take the wedding photos.


Professional photographers at Bright Focus Photography will offer you more creative ideas on making your portraits look better than any other photographer.


As stated earlier, for wedding photography to be successful, the groom and the bride must cooperate with one another throughout the process. The wedding photos will look their best if both the bride and the groom are happy. By having good communication with each other, you are also able to get some great photographs, even of the wedding party.


If you have a happy couple, the wedding pictures will be happy too. You and your future spouse should be able to enjoy the process of taking the wedding photos until the very end – after your wedding!

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