What Brides Seek in A Wedding Photographer: Tips To Impress Them

Many couples plan their wedding very carefully, even going as far as having it recorded and edited before presenting it to their families and friends for months on end. However, much of the planning has to do with what the bride and groom want for their wedding, not what other people think they should look like on their big day.


What do they want for their hair and eyes? Is there a way to get everyone involved in the editing process, or are they simply all sitting around during the wedding photo sessions? This article will discuss what brides want from their wedding photo sessions and talk about how to make the most out of them for your big day with Bright Focus Photography.

The obvious question

The most obvious question that comes to mind is, “What do the bride and groom want for their wedding photo sessions?” The answer is critical to the photographer because he or she needs to provide you with a clear shot of what you want to build the package around that.


The photographer must understand that the bride and groom are the stars of the show. Their personalities are front, and center and their good looks and unique style are secondary to their chemistry and love for each other. Ask yourself what kind of shots do you find most inspirational and try them with your wedding photographer.

How they make the bride look on screen

Bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and floral dresses are usually popular choices among bridal photographers. These are the dresses that the guests expect to complement, and it’s up to the wedding photo sessions to make sure that the photographer gets them right.


A very formal dress might look silly when put into a picture with a friend wearing a tiny dress that barely conceals her bosom!

The novelty never goes unrewarded.

Think about what poses you prefer throughout your wedding photoshoot, and then ask your photographer which poses work best for him or her. Remember that there’s an element of risk involved when posing people outdoors, but it can also be amusing.


Try new things like climbing walls and trying different poses. Ask your photographer what poses are best for daytime and nighttime photos.

When it comes to wedding photography, remember that it’s about the photo and not the photographer. It’s important to always treat each session as a client-free opportunity to learn and share. That means not letting the photographer take control at any point. Listen to your photographer’s suggestions and respect their opinions.


By doing these few simple things, you’ll have more fun with your shoot and, in the long run, make better portraits of your wedding guests.

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